Mobile Surveillance System

J3 Roving Eye

Apr 2005

The J3 Roving Eye is a camera attached to a "black box" that can transmit live video to, and be controlled wirelessly with a computer or mobile phone.

With the Roving Eye mounted on a vehicle, security officers can patrol and monitor premises—anytime from anywhere—by accessing the Roving Eye wirelessly through mobile devices.

To illustrate its possibilities, the Roving Eye is mounted on a toy car. The toy car is built and modified to enable control via computers and mobile phones.

The system provides a suite of functions including: controlling of multiple Roving Eyes; text and audio communication among security officers; and automated movement of vehicle.


  • Top Prize (Enterprise Category)
  • Radixs Most Outstanding Team Award
  • Splash Awards Wireless Jam 2005
  • Best Project Prize
  • IT Project Show 2005

Featured on

  • Digital Life, The Straits Times
  • 19 April 2005


Project Team

Special Thanks To

  • Kee Po Chen, Jean
  • Eber-Tan Yu Lin, Josephine


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